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If anyone knows of someone, or is themselves, looking to rehome their Chinese softshell turtle which is still young (around 3 inches from head to tail), then I would be interested in adopting it.

I have a sizable tank and have all the equipment, sadly, the only softshell turtles I can find any older than an inch is at the aquatic street of shops in Taipei. Sadly they are sold as pet live pet food for bigger reptiles...

The softshell turtle cannot be too young as it would be too hard for me to raise it if it's younger than 6 months. Therefore, it must be at least 2 -3 inches as an ideal adopted pet.

Obviously, the turtle MUST be in good health - from a responsible owner that perhaps is unable to look after it anymore for whatever reason...

For the trouble, I am happy to pay up to 300NTD as thanks for your trouble.

Hope this Ad listing reaches the right person.

I have attached some example images for a clear understanding of the ideal size/age.

Many thanks!


  • Seeking to Adopt a Softshell Turtle
  • Seeking to Adopt a Softshell Turtle
  • Seeking to Adopt a Softshell Turtle

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