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  • Ahwa-Chang

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Taipei City, All Across Taipei City
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Hi, I need to find someone to practice talking to me in English at the academic level for the coming two weeks. I will pay (NT 500/hr), each time two hours, at least three times in 15 days.

The conversation can be carried on online. The candidate should speak English as fluently as a native speaker and at least with a B.A degree. I will give the topics for the conversations. If anyone is interested or knows who is interested and ideal for this job, please send me a private message.

I am not a student, and I speak English fluently. It's just that I seldom speak English in my work and daily life now. I need a proper person to talk to me at the academic level, and I hope to do it well in an academic interview 15 days later. Thank you in advance.



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