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Taipei City, All Across Taipei City
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Hello, my name is Anthony and I am seeking a person in Taipei who would like to work with to help me connect to others who may want to take my online English Classes.

I currently teach to students in Beijing, however, I really want to expand into Taipei, but I need help in connecting me to people because I live in the United States.

I am hoping to find a motivated and trustworthy person who will help me expand my company into the online, teaching market there in Taiwan.

A commission per hour for every student I receive will be given. The commissions are given for every hour the student takes classes with me. For example, if the student takes 3 classes per week then 3x the commissions are paid and they are paid for as long as the student takes classes. For example, you only get the student once, however, if they take classes for 2 months, 3 months, etc, the commmissions are still paid.

If this interests, you, please contact me so we can talk more about this.

Thank you

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