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【Taipei】 Interview for Health Care Demand for Foreign Senior Manager in Global Companies Incentive $8000/1.5hrs


【Interview location】

1. Currently live in Taipei
2. Currently employed by TW branch of the global company (overseas/foreign capital) under the position of senior manager/assistant vice president/director
3. Nationality of non-Taiwanese
4. Need to offer the screenshot of your name card to verify the identity

【Way to Register】
(Please click the following link)

NT$8000 (qualified respondent participating in the interview will be paid after it ends.)

【Referral fee】
NT$1000/1 person (After you refer qualified respondents and we finish interviewing them, it will be offered next month )

【Contact Info】
Mr. Chen 02-25450118

【Company Name】
TROR Marketing Research & Consultation Co., Ltd.

On-line registration does not mean to be qualified.
Once your information is examined, our staff will call you and verify your answer over the phone.
Please pay attention to your phone call from the market research company.
After qualified respondents are screened by our supervisor, we will invite you through the phone.
However, we do not contact all the disqualified applicants.

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