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Sharing fun and creative camp! Kids love it and looking forward to this summer! 😍😍

Taipei Summer Camp 2022 is now open for signup! 2 themes that your child would love and a fun way to learn about science and engineering! Contact us now!

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AGES: 9-14 Years Old / Grades 3-8


CLASS TIME: Click 'Register' below to see class times and dates.

IPADS: Students are required to have access to a PC, Mac, Chromebook, or iPad for classes. Details can be found HERE. A reliable internet connection is also required for online classes.

CLASS SIZE: Maximum of 21 students per class (students work together in groups of 7).


DesignCraft is a course that has been designed by Elite Education for the purpose of teaching students the process of design.

Each class is filled with specific challenges that are purposely placed to enable students to extend their learning beyond their usual classroom experience.

No, this is not a gaming club! DesignCraft is a course that uses Minecraft as a tool to teach children how to collaboratively design, create and inspire others to do the same.

Elite Education is here to create leaders that are able to communicate effectively, think differently, and use their unique talents and abilities to reach their full potential.

All classes are taught in a 100% English immersive environment which provides students with the perfect arrangement to practice and expand their English vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar as second language learners.

Try it for your child and allow them to think out of the box and learn in a fun, caring, and natural environment for them to develop and lead.

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