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*English Certified Trader ✅

Hello guys, it’s Carl from Relux. I’m a professional hairstylist, I speak hair. As you know, communication is the key wherever and whenever you want to get your hair done.

And trust me, I have served plenty of foreign clients without any problem as I can always see their smiles after my job is done! Come and find us, I would love to bring out the beauty in yours!

Relux hair salon was established in 2018, our core concepts are built on Warmth, Aesthetics, Service, and Humanities, trying to give all the customers the vibe of relaxing and luxury.

Relux is located in Da’an District, Taipei City. It’s a popular entertainment center surrounded by malls, trendy stores, and coffee shops. It’s a lively area where many people like to go shopping and hang around.

We do provide multiple different services, such as hair cutting, coloring, perming, styling, essential oil massage, and treatment.

Please feel free to leave us a message if you have any concerns or questions. Look forward to seeing you soon.

You can book an appointment with me here:

  • Relux hair top hair stylist
  • Relux hair top hair stylist
  • Relux hair top hair stylist

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