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  • Cherly-Susanti

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Taipei City, Zhongzheng District
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Hello everyone!

Me and my friend are looking for a part-time music teaching job around Taipei city. Both of us are currently studying Master's program at NTNU: I'm in music composition and my friend is in vocal.

I have been teaching music in international schools for more than 5 years, focusing mainly on theory and composition as well as preparing students for theory examinations (ABRSM, Trinity). I am also experienced in teaching choirs and preparing choirs for international competitions.

My friend is a soprano, she is experienced in teaching vocal/singing with a very wide range of age group (5-82 years old). She is also experienced in teaching kindergarten kids in class.

Both of us teach in English (or Bahasa Indonesia), available for online and onsite lessons.

PM me if you need more details. Thank you!

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