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My name is Cindy and I am a certified English tutor from South Africa.

I am passionate about environmental issues, exploring new places, cultures, business, and of course, food!

My career background is in the hospitality and tourism industry which is where I also began my love for teaching English as a foreign language.

I completed a GA Level 5 diploma in Teaching English as a foreign language and a diploma in Home Ed, specializing in Business English, E-learning, and English for Hospitality and Tourism.

I am currently completing my Masters in TESOL from the Paris College of International Education. My teaching experience range from - Young Learners, Language through Art and Storytelling, - English for Special Purposes, - Specialized Business English ( Tourism and Hospitality) - General Business English (Introductions, Presentations, Negotiating, Exam, Interview & Video conferencing Preparation) - Online one-on-one, group lessons, and topical conversational webinars.

I was also a student of a foreign language (Swedish) myself and I know the challenges (and the rewards) we face when learning a second or third language and believe that confidence is the key!

I love meeting new people and I strive to make my classes interactive and practically applicable to everyday life, be it socially or in the workplace.

Feel free to book a free introductory (trial) lesson with me to discuss your learning goals! Looking forward to meeting you and joining you on your English learning journey!

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