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Taipei City & New Taipei City, All Districts
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CyberAid is not only into computer sales but also offers complete IT services as listed below with our international English-speaking team exclusively for expats and foreigners in Taiwan. Also, available onsite services where our expert can visit your home or office directly to deal with your computer issues whether be it Mac, Windows are Linux.

-Computer Desktops (Branded and Custom built)
-Workstations & Servers (HP & Dell)
-Network devices - Wifi Routers and Switches
-Network Storage and Cloud storage
-Licensed Software including Antivirus, MS Office and Windows OS etc.,
-Cloud Accounting package

-Troubleshooting, support and repair services for all Computers, Laptops, Servers, Networks & other devices etc.
-Windows, Mac & Linux support
-Upgrade and installation
-Network and security
-Contract maintenance
-Website Design and Hosting

For more details you can visit our website

Why Us?
My technical team and I have 20+ years of accumulated professional experience in the IT field dealing with all Laptops & Desktop troubleshooting, a tuneup for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We cater exclusively to expats and English speaking clients

Wide array of Computer products and better pricing compared to the market due to direct partnering with authorized distribution agencies in Taiwan. We are dealing with a wide range of brands and products including Apple Mac.

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