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New Taipei City, Banqiao District
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To all Chinese tutors! I'm looking for private Chinese lessons.

I had a private Chinese tutor but she has become too busy with studies to privately teach anymore. The rate I had was at $800NT per hour, and I'd like to have that again. I'm at an intermediate level, so we can have basic conversations all in Chinese.

If you're happy about this, please get in touch, I left out to put a specific district as we can discuss a plan when and where to meet. I am free most afternoons and weekends. I don’t have a particular requirement on the Chinese tutor - just as long as we can get on well and have intuitive lessons!

I live around the Banqiao area, but happy to meet more central to Taipei City.

It's best getting me at my personal profile.

Hope to hear from you!

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Daniel Roberts

English Teacher

Currently living in Taipei, Taiwan as an English teacher from the UK. I’m in to all types of sport and learning to speak and write in Mandarin Chinese.

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