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New Taipei City, Shimen District
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Excellent conditions!

Graco Car Seat 500 NTD

IKEA Bedside Lamps 2 of them for 600 NTD

Dyson Ball Fluffy $7000 NTD開箱文-【dyson】dyson-ball-fluffy%2B-cy24%28絢麗紅%29最

IKEA Dresser $3000 NTD…

PM me please if you’re interested.

Will give the address for picking up once you’re committed to buying.

Many thanks

  • Bedside Lamps
  • Dyson Ball Fluffy
  • Graco Car Seat

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Dan Johnson

Taiwan Begpacker

I mainly prefer to stay in contact with old loyal friends, but now looking for new loyal friends in Taipei that wont treat me like crap. Avoiding the ones that I thought were friends, but ended up as enemies.

Anyway, I’d rather have a few close friends that treat me like friends than ones that pretend!

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