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Hi all,

Anyone interested in a 6 month performance contract of standing in front of a green screen while dancing and lip syncing to children’s music? - More actors are needed at my work.

In total, the contract would be 44,000 NTD for a few weekends a month for 6 months.

They are preferably looking for caucasians to fill some roles here, but I encourage anyone to get in touch if interested.

If so, please get in touch with me directly through this listing with your personal details, and I’ll forward them to my manager.

Contact me here, or
LINE: derek9492

Thanks in advance!


  • Performers needed 2
  • Performers needed 3

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Derek Wertheim

English Teacher

Hey all. I’m new to Taipei as an expat from Florida. It’s my 3rd year as an English Teacher. I love to hike and eat delicious food.

I currently in Taiwan teaching English at HESS International Educational Group.

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