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*English Certified Trader ✅

How important is the health of your hair and scalp? Ellis focuses on bringing out the beauty in you to your outer appearance by highlighting your natural qualities. Using her expertise and 20 years of experience, she can recommend personalized hair care and the most flattering cut for your unique scalp and hair. Every person is made different, so your hair care should be customized to bring out the most confident version of you!

Ellis can help you with a variety of hair care routines and treatments. Clients rely on her for their keratin treatments in Taipei, which we all know is muggy and humid most of the time. Keratin helps her clients cut their time ‘getting ready’ very short, as the treatment smoothes the hair and straightens it without harsh chemicals.

She chooses to specialize in keratin as it doesn’t damage the hair like a perm. Keratin is a natural component in your hair and adding the extra layer of keratin with treatment not only straightens but strengthens the hair. You can protect your hair with a keratin treatment, along with making it look less frizzy and more radiant.

With Ellis’ guidance, clients often choose to get a style like balayage or ombre to complement their natural eye color and skin tones. It makes their mornings effortless - waking up with layers of gorgeous color, shine, and smooth hair - they don’t need to spend an hour in front of the mirror chasing flyaways.

Some of Ellis’ expertise includes:

  • Flattering haircuts and styling: $1000
  • Bleach regrowth: $2500-3500
  • Ombre and Balayage: $3500
  • Highlights: $3000
  • Partial highlights: $2000
  • Toner treatment: $1000
  • Brazilian Keratin treatment: $3500-4000

You can chat with her about your hairstyling and hair health questions on Instagram or Facebook. She is happy to work with you on a personalized hair care consultation and treatment.

Instagram: ellis_wilmot
LINE ID: 0960313223

  • Hair stylist with expertise.
  • Hair stylist with expertise.
  • Hair stylist with expertise.

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About Me

Ching Ellis Wilmot

Hairstylist and Colorist

English Speaking Hairdresser

💈Keratin Treatment & Balayage Specialist

✈️ Works in 🇭🇰 HK and TW🇹🇼

🦋Up-to-date with styling trends and products

Book👉🏽@Line ID : 0960313223


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