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Hi, this is Esther.

My current flatmate is going back home, so I’m looking for a flatmate (female preferred) to share this lovely place with me near mingde明德 and zhishan芝山 station.

It’s a two-bedroom rooftop apartment, with one bathroom, a small kitchen with simple stoves, a small living room, and a dining area. The space is enough for two people, even enough to invite friends over to have a casual house party.

We’ll split the rent 20000 plus utilities, and 2 months deposit. The contract starts on April 1st, move-in time is negotiable.
We have most of the furniture needed, but if you want something else, it’s negotiable.

The best selling point of this place is the balcony. I already have some plants, a small grill, outdoor chairs, and a table.

Here’s a picture of the view in good weather. Despite 2 months of rainy winter, you can chill here on most days (We also have outdoor candles to keep mosquitoes away).

We’ve only seen one cockroach since we’ve moved in (the first month we moved in), since then we keep everything clean and have never seen any again.

A brief introduction of myself, I’m a Taiwanese girl, WFH most of the time mostly in my bedroom. I’m easy-going, open-minded, chill, and like to do some crafts occasionally.

If I invite some friends over I’ll inform you, and make sure you are comfortable with it.

Please pm me if you are interested.

Thank you!!

  • I’m looking for a flatmate
  • I’m looking for a flatmate
  • I’m looking for a flatmate

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