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We've Just released our summer menu delivery of western healthy homemade ready-to-eat meals!

See our new website in the contact details above.

Our Summer mix of the vegetable list (available from now)

* Hawaain mix vegetables (Carrots, pineapple, red onions, french beans, broccoli)
* Italian mix vegetables (Artichokes, spinach, sweet peppers, eggplants, garlic)
* Tofu & Broccolis mix veggies (Dry tofu, broccoli, sweet peppers)
* Mix green veggies (Broccoli, snow peas, french beans, red onions)
* Cold Greek mushrooms (Mix of mushrooms, tomatoes, sugar, and white wine)
* Cauliflower puree (Cauliflower)
* French ratatouille (Sweet peppers, eggplants, onions)
* Sweet potatoes puree (Sweet potatoes)
* French beans & bacon (French beans, bacon)
* Red Cabbage stew & caramelized apples
* Broccolis & blue cheese gratin (Broccolis, blue cheese, milk, butter, mozzarella cheese)

All nutritions and ingredients details are available.

Every veggie is peeled, prepared, and cooked in our kitchen by our professional staff.

All of our worldwide meals are 100% homemade

Reminder: All of our meals are validated by our dietician team.

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  • New menu for MichelBru
  • New menu for MichelBru
  • New menu for MichelBru

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