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Hi All,

Welcome to our regular Thursday surfers' meeting in the heart of Taipei for meeting new people and old friends, and to talk about everything and anything 🙂

Whether you are a member of Couchsurfing, Couchers, BeWelcome, Warmshowers, etc., or just interested, you are very welcome!

Revolver is a popular venue near CKS Memorial Hall MRT Station (Exit 4). The address is No.1-1, Roosevelt Rd, Section 1

Whether you're a local or a traveler, a CS newbie or a CS pro, whether you're looking for companions for sightseeing or just looking for a beer after work – join us for a drink, a chat, and a laugh at the Taipei CS Thursday Meeting!

So click on 'join' and we will see you there! If you are having problems finding us:

*LINE contact is shown above for logged-in users.

NOTE: The meetup is an OPEN and a NON-PROFIT event. The organizer is not connected in any way with the business.

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