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James Hugh Gough is a Canadian artist, writer and illustrator based in Taiwan.

He has published three children's books, "The Great Skate," "On an Island On the Sea," and "BooBoo and Jubee Save Their Boy."

James' first two books are beautiful pieces of illustrated poetry. "BooBoo and Jubee Save Their Boy" deals with his love of nature, while addressing the current climate crisis.

He had a successful solo exhibition of acrylic works at Vaikuntha Gallery in 2020.

Children's books help ESL students learn

James's books carefully uses the English language that is not only simple for young ESL learners, but also are illustrated with images that help kids understand the context of the story. Besides that, his books usually have a positive and inspiring message behind them. You can choose to read them to kids in your family or in a classroom.

To purchase his best selling books, as well as more of his products, visit Jim's Art Studio official website - (link is included in this listing).

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