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Hi Zen Friends!^^

After our first practice of the new year this Sunday(1/2), our Dharma discussion topic will be new as well. The topic will be, 'Awakening as Affinage'. In this talk, we discuss an old issue that periodically resurfaces in Zen practice communities; gradual versus sudden awakening. I'll introduce a bit of this issue's history, a perspective from Korea's Zen tradition as well as my own 'two cents. I hope that it will offer helpful clarification about the style and direction of our practice. ^^ Come and explore this interesting topic with us!

Read this or other talk notes at our website:

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I hope you will be able to join us for our practice and this practical discussion. If you are a new member, please message Justin to RSVP (Line: hbcjustin), wear loose-fitting comfortable pants for sitting, and arrive at 11:30am for the new member orientation.😊 🙏
#justthiszen #mentalhealth #mindfulness #meditationpractice

Sunday Practice Schedule,
Every Sunday from 11:30am to 2pm

11:30-12:00 30min.
New Member Orientation

12:00 5min.
Set up and Warm up time

12:05 20min.
1st Sitting

12:25 5min.
Walking Meditation

12:30 20min.
2nd Sitting

12:50 5min.
Walking Meditation

12:55 10min.
3rd Sitting

1:05 5min.

Dharma Talk and Discussion Time

*ALL new members must attend the New Member Orientation on their first day of practice. After having the orientation, members are welcome to join at the usual starting time of 12, noon.

*RSVP’s are appreciated so that we can prepare the space appropriately.

*There is a $100NT minimum donation, but larger donations are always appreciated to help us cover the cost of the space.

*Members should wear or bring loose-fitting pants to sit comfortably.

*If members have their own meditation cushions, it is recommended that they bring them because our supply is limited.

*Members can access all of our previous Dharma talks on our website...

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