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New Taipei City, All Across New Taipei City
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Hey all,

For those that are teaching in or around Taipei and either looking for information / advice or seeking permanent / temporary hours, then this group should help you.

I encourage you to join this group and post your information if you also need a substitute or permanent teacher in Taiwan.

You know when you need those unexpected Vacation days from Teaching or when you're strapped and looking to pick up some extra/ temporary/permanent hours teaching? - Hopefully this group will be of help, where you can post your information if you need a substitute or permanent teacher in Taiwan.

1. Expected Rate of Pay
2. Exact hours of the job
3. Location of the Job

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About Me

Jack Wilson

English Teacher

Hi, I’m Jack, I am looking for a Chinese language exchange partner here. If you also know some interesting and fun places to go in Taipei, it would be great.

I am fluent in English, so I can improve your English. Please send me an email: [email protected]

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