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New Taipei City, All Across New Taipei City
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I'm already here in Taipei, but I'm staying at a hostel. I am searching for a host that offers a comfortable and flexible place in order to travel, explore and meet new friends as well as to look for more long-term options for an apartment.

I plan to study Chinese on a 12 month course in the summer (after I have done some travelling and sightseeing across the island).

I’ve heard lots of wonderful things about Taipei and am looking to get outdoors and explore it with good company. I'm also a major foodie, and would like to see what this country has to offer in terms of delicious food!

Also, I’m quiet, clean, and won’t be in your way if you need to work or something. I don't have a local mobile number yet, but I have internet access at my hostel.

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Jack Wilson

English Teacher

Hi, I’m Jack, I am looking for a Chinese language exchange partner here. If you also know some interesting and fun places to go in Taipei, it would be great.

I am fluent in English, so I can improve your English. Please send me an email: [email protected]

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