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Hi Guys!

We’re looking for models for our studio furniture product photos and videos shooting project.

location: Taipei

Pay: NT$1,000 per hour

Date: TBD, expected to be 2 days in mid-May. 5hrs for each day, 10 hrs in total.

Candidates with the following traits are preferred:
- body height from 170cm-180cm
- lean body shape
- brown hair (not a must, other hair colors are also welcomed)
- trimmed mustache and beard
- have some tattoos on arms or other visible body parts
- have better looking when wearing glasses

It will be a huge PLUS if you:
- can play a little guitar or piano
- have furniture assembly experience
- have model experience

The photos are the reference for the style we're looking at.

Please send your profile, photos, and past works if you're interested. Thanks!

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  • Looking for models for our studio.
  • Looking for models for our studio.

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