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Taipei City, Nangang District
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This is a starting price of $23000 [OBO] - I will be accepting best offer so please PM me with all serious offers.

Scooter is close to the ZhongShan MRT station.

It has 8407.9 miles [13 531] Kilometers

This is my old scooter. I just bought a new one and would like to sell this. It's in good working condition with zero problems. It has cosmetic scratches from time wear and from once when I dumped it.

ARC is required for paper transformation.

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Kristian Yngve

Digital Marketer

Hi, my name is Kristian. I came to Taiwan back in 2012 with a few business partners from Sweden to setup and run an online business in digital marketing. They have since left this country, as I stayed in beautiful Formosa to manage and grow the company.

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