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Taipei City, Neihu District
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· Taipei, Nanjing East Road

Salary: Negotiable.

-Lead and manage business personnel in Taiwan, supervise and assist business personnel to achieve performance goals.

-Put forward organizational management optimization suggestions to improve the performance of each business person.

-Inter-departmental communication to assist in product service upgrades.
-For Taiwan singles market, put forward executable operation and sales recommendations.
-Expand team organization, recruit and assist new recruits.

-May travel short-term to Singapore, South Korea and other countries to exchange team operation and management experience.

[Required traits]

-B2C management business or sales related experience
-START-UP experience.

-Proposal, management, execution, organization optimization, crisis management and other capabilities.

-Digital acuity, able to interpret and analyze possible business dilemmas based on sales figures.

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Kristian Yngve

Digital Marketer

Hi, my name is Kristian. I came to Taiwan back in 2012 with a few business partners from Sweden to setup and run an online business in digital marketing. They have since left this country, as I stayed in beautiful Formosa to manage and grow the company.

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