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Taipei City, Neihu District
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Paktor Premium · Taipei, Nanjing East Road

Salary: Negotiable.

Entity dating interview service, assisting members in face-to-face consultation, introduction of service content and sales.

Phone call, contact potential members to invite interviews.

Clear mouth, quick response, affinity, observation ability and high self-demand.
No clock-in, 8 hours a day on schedule. Holidays must be scheduled according to the needs of members.

This position has performance goals, please consider whether you are willing to face pressure before delivering your resume.

New start-up companies have high promotion flexibility, and the promotion standard is "on ability, regardless of seniority", and there is no need to wait for card positions to develop talents.
Must cooperate with the supervisor to assign matters.

Condition requirements

Accepted status: office worker
Work experience: more than 2 years
Educational requirements: high school or above

Those with the following characteristics are preferred:

Have a healthy mind that is open but not debauched, positive but not out of control.
Like to talk to, talk to, talk to people.
Have many love experiences, or have seen through all kinds of human nature.
You can be enthusiastic, but don't be too irritable.
Strong ambition and changeability, not suitable for those who "just want to find a stable

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Kristian Yngve

Digital Marketer

Hi, my name is Kristian. I came to Taiwan back in 2012 with a few business partners from Sweden to setup and run an online business in digital marketing. They have since left this country, as I stayed in beautiful Formosa to manage and grow the company.

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