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Taipei City, Neihu District
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Paktor Premium · Taipei, Nanjing East Road

Salary: Negotiable.

Marketing campaign ideas and content planning, we need you to plan creative and interesting marketing campaigns with us
Use different marketing channels to achieve marketing goals-social platform operation, copywriting design, brand image management, cooperation with media and KOL
Analyze the trend of the Internet market, issues and pulses
Operate digital advertising (Facebook, Google)
Analyze and organize data, and use data to rationally optimize advertising effectiveness
Required skills :

Three to five years of digital advertising marketing experience, data insight and analysis capabilities.
Possess the ability of advertising operations: Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, digital advertising strategy formulation, monitoring execution, effectiveness analysis and optimization.
Learn about Google Analytics data performance tracking and analysis.
Master Internet trends (Facebook, Ptt, Youtube), passionate and creative, heavy Internet users
High execution ability, ability to work independently, project execution management, effectiveness analysis and optimization.
Daily report data and data analysis
Understand HEDER service groups / LGBT groups
Expect you to be...

Deeply interested in love, dating market and gender/same-sex topics
Internet, Youtube, PTT, Dcard addicts
Strong writing ability, preferably with basic design ability
Good at analyzing data, can use the data to make the next plan
Ability to think and execute independently, be willing to communicate, and be proactive.

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Kristian Yngve

Digital Marketer

Hi, my name is Kristian. I came to Taiwan back in 2012 with a few business partners from Sweden to setup and run an online business in digital marketing. They have since left this country, as I stayed in beautiful Formosa to manage and grow the company.

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