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Looking for a nanny – take care of 2 kids after school (from 2 to 7pm from Monday to Friday)

Family profile:

- French and Chinese family
- Both parents work
- Kids attend school full day (until 2 or 3pm)
- 3-year-old girl + 5-year-old boy

Location: Taipei, TianMu

Job description:

- Pick up kids at school
- Offer snacks
- Play with them, either outdoor (park, playground…) or indoor (playdates with friends, at home…)
- Bath
- Cook a light dinner and offer dinner to kids
- Tidy up what you can at home before parents return from work

Desired / ideal nanny profile:

- All nationalities accepted (provided with legal status)
- Is responsible and careful – children’s safety is the utmost priority
- Loves kids, is dynamic (interacts with kids easily) and playful (eager to find fun activities to do with kids, reads stories, sings songs, etc.)
- Is honest and reliable
- Is nice but strict on discipline
- Likes cooking
- Is not addicted to cell phones (our kids are not allowed to have screen time)
- Is flexible about hours (in case school or activities hours are modified due to COVID for instance)
- In case the candidate is available during weekends, we may be interested in having your services as well
- Is available from the week of February 14th, or the week of February 21st at the latest

Salary: to be discussed depending on your profile.

If interested, please kindly send me LINE messages.

My account name is Lida. If it does not work, pm me.

Many thanks!

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