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Taipei City & New Taipei City, All Districts
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*The lessons can be completely tailored to suit your needs!!!

*Hourly rate is 500 NTD dollars an hour.

Hello and welcome! - My name is Linda and I am an experienced, patient, and friendly online Chinese tutor from Taiwan.

I have a Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Qualification (TCSOL and EDI) and a master's degree in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Soochow.

I have taught hundreds of foreign students Chinese here in Taipei and online for over 7 years. During my time as a tutor, I take a student-centered approach to tutoring and aim to make each lesson a valuable and enjoyable experience. If you are a total beginner in the Chinese language, please don’t worry about it as I speak English at the C2 level.

If you would like to talk over Facebook/Skype/LINE before initial lessons to see if I am a good fit for you, please send me a message via Facebook.

Here is one of the documents I made for my students - LINK

Here are the notes on Quizlet for one of my students - LINK

How I structure my lessons:
1. I create my own teaching material to teach you about grammar topics. To practice these grammar topics, I tailor the examples and vocabulary to your interests.
2. I will take notes of the vocabulary you use often on Quizlet (online flashcards) in every lesson.
3. We will study the vocabulary lists from the textbook, and I will ask you to make sentences using each word in order to practice.
4. Dialogue creation/Dialogue adaptation
We will read the dialogue in the textbook first, and then will adapt/change it to make our own dialogue by changing/varying at least one word in each sentence.
5. I don’t follow the textbook order strictly. I will ask you to choose the topics that interest you most, and we will study these first

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