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Hello everyone, I wish you all still safe & healthy there, in this challenging times  🙌 🌈 🙏

I'm Lucio, a simple and sincere freelancer Brazilian Jazz Bossa Nova musician/artist by play guitar 🎸 sax 🎷 & sing 🎶

I'm stranded in Vietnam with a challenging survived life situation since the pandemic appears on 2020 😶 after been traveling around few Asia countries as a freelancer 🎶

It's been past really too many months and I've used up all my savings and I can't really afford to support myself here anymore and pay for my very simple bills right now...

Please, with all my sincere respect, who can donate even $1 can make a difference for me journey back home before December 29-2021 when my visa will expired here in Vietnam 🎶 ✈️ 🌍

Brazilian Samba Jazz:

My way of play Jazz ballad on the sax 🎶

Facebook: The House Of Jazz

For Donations:

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My bank in Vietnam: BIDV bank-my bank account: 13510001123498

Bank Branch, Gia Dinh, SWIFT CODE: BIDVVNVX-Lucio Geraldo

Please, no false judgments, I am not play games with people's feelings and life's, I am not a scammer.

Thanks in advance from the bottom of my heart to your support stay safe 🙌 🎶 💕 👐

  • Brazilian Samba Jazz
  • Brazilian Samba Jazz
  • Brazilian Samba Jazz




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