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Taipei City, All Across Taipei City
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Da'an District & Banqiao District

In-person interview required ~

Teaching Hours A

JE school in DaAn District, Taipei city

Students age group: 7~12 years old

Class size: 10~15 students

Starting: ASAP

Work hours:
Monday to Friday ONLY. (5 days a week)
Monday: 14:00~18:20 (4hrs a day)
Tuesdays: 16:30-18:20 (2hrs a day)
Wednesday: 14:00~15:50 (2hrs a day)
Thursday: 14:00~18:20 (4hrs a day)
Friday: 14:00~15:50 (2hrs a day)

Breaks are in between~

Guaranteed teaching hours provided: 14 teaching hours a week

Pay: NT$650~NT$750 per teaching hour

* The school would also expect the teacher to be in the school 30~60 minutes earlier before the first class would start for the day for lessons planning and classes preparation.)

(Based on your ESL experience~)

Work permit, Health insurance & ARC provided~

Teaching Hours B

School type: Cram School

Location: Banqiao, New Taipei city

Age group of students: 7~12 years old

Class size: 11~18 students

Starting: ASAP

Hourly Rate: NT$650~NT$700 (Based on the experience~)

15~16 teaching hours a week. (Weekdays ONLY~)

Time table:

14:00~16:00 (Monday to Friday)

17:00~18:30 for 3~4 days a week. (During weekdays)

*No long office hours requested. The school would just expect you to be in the school 30~40 minutes earlier before the first class starts for the day. (For class preparation and lesson planning.)

Work permit, Health Insurance & ARC provided~

Your reply to include your resume/CV if interested.




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