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Christmas is just around the corner!

We've got you covered with the best and the most special Christmas gift for your loved ones!

We are a Russian restaurant in Taipei, which specializes in.....obviously delicious Russian cuisine and beer!

This time of the year we would like to treat everyone with an opportunity to try traditional Russian sweets!

Let us introduce to you Russian Christmas gift box with following sweets inside:

  • Russian milk chocolate
  • Russian chocolate wafers
  • Russian chocolate covered marshmallow
  • Roasted nuts chocolate candies
  • Milk souffle candies
  • Toffee candies
  • Hazelnut chocolate candies

And many others! The size of the box is about 600-700gr.

It's a perfect gift for a friend, or your kids, or your girlfriend/boyfriend!

And believe us, everyone who tried Russian chocolates and candies have fallen in love with them!

Now with the special price $1000!

Only until 12/01 and after the price will be increased!

Send a message to order your box.

  • Super Exclusive Russian Christmas Gift Box




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