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Cyberon Corporation is developing speech recognition technologies for international languages. We are massively collecting testing data for voice recognition algorithms/ applications, not for voice-over. We are looking for ordinary North American English native speakers, instead of professional announcers to contribute to the text data collection.

Job Type:

One-time work, part-time, work remotely.

Project date: ~ June 30th.
Candidate requirement:
-Possess the passport of the USA or Canada.
-No expertise and experience is required.
-Possess Taiwan work permit, APRC, or Taiwan ID card.

Job description:
After the application approval, you will be sent an excel file for filling up English text according to the provided connected car scenario (including 255 simple common sentences of Commands and 12 words/phrase examples of Number, Day, Date, and Time), then submit back to us for check-up and payment.
Payment: NTD600 will be made after check-up (transferred via the applicant’s Taiwan bank account).

You can apply to this application by Visiting the Website above. ☝

*Please login to visit the Application form website link.

Feel free to leave comments and notes in the form if there are any questions.

Thank you.

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