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Speaks: English, Chinese

Hi, everybody! I am Teacher Paul a native English-speaking teacher from the UK. I have been teaching English in Asia for over 16 years! I have taught kindergarten, IELTS, and students of all levels. I have also worked in some of the best private high schools in Asia.

I am currently in Vietnam, I used to live in Taiwan.

My wife and daughter are both Taiwanese. My Mandarin ability is very fluent.

My hobbies are related to water: I like boating, snorkeling/ scuba diving, swimming, and traveling, and I like to explore places by motorcycle. What are your hobbies? For our courses, you can choose any topic that interests you. Please tell me what you want to improve and learn. I can tailor the course for you. Let's have fun together.

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I have over 16 years of teaching experience teaching in Asia at all levels.

I make my classes engaging for the students, by turning the material into communicative activities and giving the students lots of talking time.

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