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To sum up this book in one sentence would be "This book, is a Molotov cocktail of words, thrown up in the air, and waiting to see where it lands"


“This book takes you on a journey through my life, having spent my entire adult life in Asia, originally being from the UK.”

Join me in Taiwanese prison, the lead up to getting my facial tattoo, love romance, crime, teaching English, politics, and travel.

This book talks about the life of Paul Farrell a British immigrant living in Asia and some memoirs of amusing, bizarre, odd, and interesting encounters.

Paul Farrell is mostly known for going viral, in Asia when he drunkenly got the traditional Mandarin characters for Taiwan tattooed across his forehead and a Taiwanese independence flag tattooed on his chin.

In this book, we learn about his antics, love life, legal struggles, crimes, career, drunkenness, and travels throughout Asia over a period of 16 years.

Added note:

I wanted to use more colloquial language for this account of my life, as it's how I would naturally tell the story of my own life.

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