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📣 Urgent temporary home for 2-legged Mary and her 5 babies needed

Do you remember last Christmas Eve? The day when a starving black dog with two cut-off legs was moving slowly on the side of the road in Hsinchu? She, Mary, was only skin and bones, 8kg. We were shocked as we found out that Mary just gave birth to 5 puppies and that she was nursing all of them! 💔

Today Mary weighs 12 kg and is in much better shape. Her puppies are thriving and just started to eat solid food. They will be ready for adoption in about 7 weeks! 🥳

These upcoming 7 weeks are crucial for their development and socialization with their mother, their siblings, and humans. We are searching for a temporary family that can host this little family until the puppies can be adopted.

ACT is taking care of hundreds of injured and disabled dogs and cats right now. Space in the shelter is really rare and we need your help urgently! Anyone with a spare room, a yard, a terrace, a big balcony, or any kind of secure (outdoor) space is welcome to help 2-legged Mary to raise her wonderful puppies that can make the next adoption families happy!

Please reach out to ACT for Animals 社團法人台灣愛克特動物重生救援協會 or Judy Hsu if you are able to help! 🙏

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