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Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP)

This program is established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, the program recruits teaching talents from English-speaking countries. The aim is to improve the overall language proficiency of Taiwanese students and develop strong English teaching methods and curriculums through professional collaboration. The Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) is currently recruiting English teachers and teaching assistants to teach in Taiwan’s public elementary and secondary schools.


a) Monthly salary:

Holders of a bachelor’s degree: NT$ 62,720 ~ 78,045.
Holders of a master’s degree: NT$ 69,965 ~ 86,820.
Holders of a doctoral degree: NT$ 73,025 ~ 91,420.

b) Performance Bonus: Teachers who have worked for a school year and have been graded A in annual performance are given an extra month’s pay as a bonus; teachers who have worked for a school year and have been graded B are given an extra 1/2 month's pay as a bonus.

c)Housing Allowance: The contract employer should offer a housing allowance if accommodations cannot be provided. An individual is provided with a housing allowance of NT$5,000 per month while a family is provided with NT$10,000 per month.
d)Health Insurance and Labor Insurance: Health insurance and labor insurance are provided.

e) Overtime Pay: For elementary school, each period is NT$400; for junior high school, each period is NT$450.

f) Airfare Allowance: The program offers reimbursements every school year of one’s economy class airfare of coming and leaving Taiwan (one time for each). One accompanying family member (spouse or lineal blood relative) is provided with reimbursements every school year of economy class airfare, on an actual expense basis and capped at NT$80,000 for round-trip and NT$40,000 for one-way.

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