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Good Day Everyone,

THANK YOU so much for supporting us in our Quiche Fundraiser.

This explains why we are fundraising for our nonprofit (Gallop International Experiential Education Development Association):

1. Senior Connect Points: During the week, Gallop serves the elderly (ages 60 and above) from the local community by holding various classes (exercise, health, craft, etc…) as well as providing lunch and a place for them to gather. The purpose of these classes is to encourage the elderly to interact more with others to prevent them from declining physically, cognitively, and mentally.

2. Activities for Community Kids & Youth: During the week, Gallop provides a safe place for kids and youth (age 7-18) from neighboring communities. They can do their homework, participate in classes offered by Gallop, self-study and enjoy meals at Gallop.

While the government does provide some funding, our monthly expenses exceed what's provided, therefore, teachers and admin staff often pay for admin supplies, activities, materials, meals, equipment, rentals, personnel, etc., out of pocket.

Once again, thank you all for your support and participation! Sincerely, Gallop International Experiential Education Development Association

Please feel free to share or forward this to anyone.

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