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This Mother’s Day special meal is divided into a two-person set meal and a four-person set meal
Please let us know your choice of set when booking!

"A general menu will also be provided on the day you visit."

‼️It's not allowed to make your choice on day you come.
‼️Please confirm your meal when booking.
‼️Limited special meals will require a deposit of "$1000"
When you make a reservation, you will be informed of the payment method (Please be patient when listening to the phone and don’t hang up before we finish speaking!)

‼️Cancellation after payment "No refund" "No refund"
As soon as the order is confirmed, the whole stock will be prepared right away. So please think twice before you book! ! !

‼️The meal offered from 5/7 to 5/10
‼️5/7, 5/10 Only at night
‼️5/8, 5/9 All day
"Only 5 groups per time

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