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I’m Ryan and I'd like to share my passion for the great outdoors and namely Taiwan's high mountain environment with you guys. Perhaps you already know the deal, perhaps stepping into the great outdoors is something you are potentially interested in? Maybe you'd just like a free map* and you'll go and head off on your own?!


However it goes, I'm working with Imagine-Taiwan, an outdoor adventure company based in Taipei, and we've just launched our ' Dangong Club / 彈弓射 ‘ 💥

This will be a monthly event; open to all those curious and interested in the great outdoors with an emphasis on mountains, camping and becoming more comfortable outside of the city.

Crisp mountain air (as standard), high altitude lakes, remote hot springs, introduction to the ‘100 peaks of Taiwan’ / 百岳 Băiyuè, downhill cycle trips etcetera...this is just a taster for the first couple of trips running Dec~Feb 🤙


I have attached a link to event one (high mountain hike); if it’s something you’re interested in then consider liking / following the Imagine FB page or even better, do both plus tell a friend! Be part of something unique and get access to some well designed trips to lesser visited spots on this beautiful island, we are spending vast amounts of time out exploring and have finally decided to share a few secrets!

Thank you!

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