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Xinyi District, Taipei City
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Salary: Negotiable.

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Founded in July 2013, Paktor Group is the first in the region to provide a comprehensive suite of products across the dating vertical, focused on creating value for singles seeking to connect with others, and, in the process, developing the most diverse and largest network in its markets. Paktor Group is currently the largest and most successful brand in Southeast Asia, comprising a suite of mobile dating app products (Paktor, Goodnight, Kickoff), offline dating agency GaiGai, image and date coaching agency Fleek. For more information, please visit:

Job Purpose:

We are seeking a translator/interpreter to interpret spoken or written material or document from Chinese to English or the other way around. The in-house translator/interpreter plays a critical role in supporting the communication between Taiwan team and other different branches across Southeast and North Asia.

Job Responsibilities:

Reads provided written/verbal materials and convert from one language to another.

Ensure the converted product preserves meaning and tone of the original.

Research and cross-reference industry-specific terminology to find the correct translation.

Proofread and edit the final translated texts for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

Read, comment and edit pre-translated materials accordingly.

Retain and develop knowledge on areas of translation.

Follow up with team members and clients to ensure translation meets their needs.

Prepare subtitles for advertisement videos and presentations.

Job Requirements:

You are someone based in Taiwan who is meticulous and efficient. You are also someone who constantly strives to achieve your goals and highly proactive in getting tasks done.

Can be new/more than 2 years of experience in related field is preferred.

Proficient speaker of Chinese language with good written and verbal communication skills.

Proficient English speaker with good written and verbal communication skills.

Competent with Google and Microsoft office tools.

High level of attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and ability to prioritize demands, meet deadlines and manage time efficiently.

Available to start work immediately.

    About me

    Sarah Bell

    English Teacher

    I came to Taiwan three years ago to teach English in Taipei. Loving my Taiwanese life right now with no future plans for anything else as of yet. I want to meet new people from all over the world, so please feel welcome to add me and lets network!!





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