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New Taipei City, Zhonghe District
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Hello, my name is Sarah, I'm from Canada. I have lived in Taipei for a few years now and have somewhat been unable to have the time to seriously learn the language. I think that now is the time to put aside everything and give it the time and effort needed to study Chinese...

Unfortunately my availability is only; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Nights after 5:30pm. If you are interested in teaching me, let's do it. We can decide rates, times and places for us.

You can contact me directly at my profile.

Hope to hear from you!

Sarah Bell

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Sarah Bell

English Teacher

I came to Taiwan two years ago to teach English in Taipei. Loving my Taiwanese life right now with no future plans for anything else as of yet.

I want to meet new people from all over the world, so please feel welcome to add me as your expat buddy!

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