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Growing plants in urban areas such as balconies and rooftops are one of the most challenging types of gardening.
As the environment and the growing conditions are very different from ground gardening, most common techniques need to be adjusted or radically changed.

Urban gardening, as in using containers and pots to grow plants, is difficult because plants entirely rely on what you give them: a pot, soil, water, and spot with more or less sun. Every aspect has to be thought through.
This may sound easy to achieve but keeping plants healthy and having a good-looking garden for the long-term is often what most city people struggle with.


This is a series of workshops dedicated to rooftop and balcony gardens. Each workshop will focus on one crucial aspect that will help you keep your plants alive, healthy, and thriving.
As COVID-19 does not allow a gathering of more than 5 people, all the workshops will be presented online via Google Meet.


1. Watering Techniques
Learn about when/ how often / how to water potted plants, especially during summer, and other techniques and design tips for preventing water waste.
06/26 (Sat.) - 3 to 5 PM
07/06 (Mon.) - 7 to 9 PM

2. All about Soils
Learn about the different types of soils that you can find at the flower market and their best uses. We will also cover how to make your own soil mixes with sustainable and locally produced materials.
06/27 (Sun.) - 1 to 3 PM
07/12 (Mon.) - 7 to 9 PM

3. Compost in the City
Learn about different composting systems suitable for apartments. We will see what are the benefits of making your own compost and what kind of organic matter can be composted in each system.
07/03 (Sat.) - 3 to 5 PM
07/19 (Mon.)- 7 to 9 PM

4. Urban Garden Design
Learn about key aspects for rooftop and balcony gardens such as sun exposure, building security, micro-climate, and plant selection.
07/ 04 (Sun.) - 1 to 3 PM
07/ 26 (Mon.) 7 to 9 PM

5. After Summer Vegetables
Learn about which vegetables to grow from seeds or buy as seedlings after the summer's heat. We will also focus on companion planting with other vegetables and herbs as well as perennial species.
07/10 (Sat.) - 3 to 5 PM
08/ 02 (Mon.) - 7 to 9 PM


NT$ 400 / 1 workshop
NT$ 1100 / 3 workshops
NT$ 1800 / 5 workshops


My name is Solene, I am a French citizen based in Taipei City and I speak both English and Chinese.
I have been gardening and teaching urban gardening for years to both children and adults.
I use the permaculture principles as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (The UN program) as a framework. I also studied horticulture and garden design at the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh.
My expertise focuses on how to green urban environments as it is where 60% of the world population will be living by 2030.

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  • Online Gardening Workshop 3
  • Online Gardening Workshop 4

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