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Taipei City, Da'an District
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I provide the one on one and online mandarin classes.

The materials I use is 當代中文課程 and customized presentations.
You can also bring your own preferred materials.

I started to teach Mandarin from 2010 in Spain and I got the certificate of teaching Chinese in 2012 when I went back to Taiwan.

From 2013 to 2018, I was working in trading company and did a part time job for teaching mandarin.
Recently I am thinking to be a Full time mandarin teacher.


◆ On-line Chinese course:
1 hour • NT700

◆ One on one Chinese course:
1 hour • NT700

If anyone interested in learning it, just PM me by my listing, or by the contact details below.

◆ Addess:
Taipei, Taiwan

◆ Contact me at:

◆ Official Facebook Page:

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