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New Taipei City, Zhonghe District
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Category: Marketing + Business Development

Compensation: NT$700,000 to NT$1,000,000 Annually

# of positions: 2

ARC Sponsorship: No

Required Chinese Level: Beginner

Required English Level: Native Speaker

The content writer’s role is to produce written content as part of a wide range of marketing assets.


Work with various Digital Marketing teams to create, update and/or edit social copy, blog posts, website copy, brochure, and other sales/support documents. Content writers also offer support to other parts of the company through editing and proofreading.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:

- Creating compelling content for all marketing communications efforts, primarily focusing on B2B, collateral, content marketing, and digital marketing.

- Coordinating with various departments to determine content calendars, interviewing/ communicating with appropriate subject matter experts.

- Developing/writing of content marketing pieces for B2C and brochures and marketing pages for B2B audiences.

- Creating compelling advertising copy, headlines and key messages.

- Writing SEO focused articles for our content library and reaching out to blogs and influencers to promote content.

- Partnering with designers to develop infographics and promote them on social media,

- Collaborating with the marketing departments to conceptualize and develop new and interesting methods of communicating with our audiences,

- Working knowledge of the basics of web and digital marketing analytics, A/B testing and how to apply them to improve content.

- Editing and proofreading of copy and marketing materials.

- B2B email marketing experience with a focus on solution selling.

- Exceptionally strong copywriting abilities.

- Experience creating appropriate KPIs and measuring against those to determine success.

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