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As we are kicking off 2021, I’m here to ask your support to help me get closer to the single most important goal I have been working on for the entire 2020 – to help more people improve their health. You can support me by trying out my coaching service for FREE! (using Zoom and in English only.)

I am a Life Coach with a niche in helping clients improve health. I recently finished the one-year ADAPT Health Coach Training Program at the Kresser Institute (one of the few private health coach training programs in the U.S. approved by NBHWC, National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching.) Before I launch my practice, I am going through an intensive phase of practicing with clients as a pro bono service. As part of the effort, I’m challenging myself to do something that feels a little crazy. I’m aiming to schedule 30 powerful “Self-discovery Conversations” (via. Zoom in English only) in 2 weeks starting Jan. 15, 2021. This feels like a stretch. I will block out at least 60 minutes for a powerful conversation with everyone.

So, I’m wondering if you or someone you know would like to improve or make a breakthrough in the pursuit of an ideal healthy life, physically, mentally, or spiritually? I work with people who have a long-term vision toward an extended healthspan (that is, anti-aging) or a short-term goal of staying away from chronic diseases, or just losing a few pounds of fat. It can also be a goal that is not related to health, such as overcoming your 2-year procrastination in signing up that online course for guitar lesson.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the session:

👉 1. A super clear vision of your goals and a high-level view of the paths to get there.

👉 2. Uncover hidden obstacles that could be holding you back from achieving or sustaining the results you want – be it just lowering body fat ratio by 3% or improving metabolic bio-markers (e.g., lowering triglyceride, HbA1C, hs-CRP, and raising HDL).

👉 3. Leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired so that you can take actions to lay out your plan and run with it.

I won’t be charging for these sessions because I have a goal of building my coaching business by invitation and referral only. All you have to do is show up fully during the session and I’ll do the same.

These sessions will be especially helpful for someone who have tried some diets, exercise modality or lifestyle change with some success yet found it hard to make more progress or sustain the result. It can also work for someone who is just starting but feels lack of direction.

If you or someone in your network who might be a good fit would like to do this with me, please contact me at [email protected]. I’ll book the sessions on a first-come-first-serve basis, so I can’t guarantee that everyone will get a session – let me know ASAP if you’re interested.

Thank you. 🙏

Coach Denys

Coach Denys’ website:
NBHWC website:
ADAPT Health Coach Training Program website:

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