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New Taipei City, Xinzhuang District
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School Location: XinZhuang District, New Taipei City. (Near XinZhuang Stop on MRT Yellow LINE/ZhongHe-XinLu Line)

It actually would only take about 20~25 minutes by bus from Taipei main train station or XiMenDing. The bus stop you can get off is only 3~5 minutes away on foot from the school.)
* You’d teach at two nearby branches during the week.

Starting: ASAP

Native English Speakers required~

Non experienced applicants are also welcome~

Students age: 7~12 years old

Interview in person would be required~

Work hours:
Monday to Friday ONLY.
Afternoon to evening teaching.
The working hours would be 12:30pm~8:30pm from Monday to Friday
25 teaching hours per week & 15 office hours per week as as the time will be spent preparing lessons, correcting homework, conversing with parents.
* Once you’ve been familiar to school teaching manuals/teaching materials/teachings well enough, the school may just require you to be in the school 1 hour earlier before your first class starts for the day.

If your last teaching class finishes early, it’s also alright for you to leave the school before 20:30.

Pay: NT$60,000 up with the additional NT$5,000 monthly as the attendance bonus & the working performance bonus.

Work permit & health insurance provided

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