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New Taipei City, Banqiao District
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LiveABC, a leading Taipei-based publishing company for English educational books and magazines, has a full-time position available as an English editor of its flagship CNN Interactive English magazine.

** Duties:

• Select and transcribe video content licensed from Time Warner’s CNN International channel.
• Edit transcripts, write example sentences and create quiz questions for key vocabulary.
• Cut and edit video content with Adobe Premiere Pro (video editing experience helpful, but not required).
• Monitor and manage satellite-to-video recording (easier than it sounds) • Write monthly tests.
• Write monthly “From the Editors” column.
• Write and prepare content for weekly e-paper.
• Participate in voice recording for magazine content.
• Edit final proofs of the magazine prior to publication.

** Assist other magazines with editing and voice recording tasks Applicant should be:

• a native speaker of English,
• a college or university graduate with at least a bachelor’s degree,
• thoroughly knowledgeable of English grammar and usage,
• able to write in an engaging manner,
• knowledgeable of AP style,
• flexible, eager to learn new skills and able work under deadline,
• able to identify news and feature stories that are relevant and interesting to a local audience.

Our ideal candidate is organized, detail-oriented and a team-player.
He/she should have a minimum of two years of editing experience.

We offer a competitive salary and a pleasant work environment.

To apply, please send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

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