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Taipei City, Zhongshan District
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MBA in International Business at the Shih Chien University.

Address: No.70, Dazhi St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Start date: Sept. 2021
Duration: 2 years - Full time

USC College of Business has offered a successful English Taught program (ETP) in International Business since 2009. As an innovative school, we pride ourselves on face to face teaching with online technologies ensuring our students remain at the forefront of pioneering business education. Our knowledge-based lectures and skills sessions will not just teach you the relevant business knowledge but will equip you with wider skills necessary for your academic studies and future careers.
Year 1: International Academic Conference

Compulsory modules:

International Marketing Management
international Business
Applied Statistics
International Financial Management
Business Research Method
Managerial Economics

Option Modules:

e-commerce Management
International Economics
Global Logistics Management
Economy, Finance, and Banking in Greater China
Global Leaders Conference (1)
Global Leaders Conference (2)
Marketing Communication
Comparative Country Studies
Global Free Trade Zone
Preparation For Study Abroad
Managing service operation
Consumer Behavior
Quantitative Methods
Exploring Perspectives on Entrepreneurship
Cross-Strait Economic Framework
International Financial Market
Digital Marketing
Marketing Research
Globalisation of Emerging Markets
Operation Strategy & Management

Year 2: Exchange Program/Internship Abroad

Compulsory modules:

Organisation Theory and Management
International Human Resource Management
Managerial accounting
Business Ethics
International Business Strategy
Innovation Management

Option Modules:

Business Communication & Negotiation
International Conference Management
International Industrial Competitiveness Analysis
International Exchange Practice
Merger & Acquisitions
International Fashion Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Regulations for International Trade
Case Study on Multinational Corporation
International Banking and Investment
Foreign Exchange Marketing Operations
Cross-Cultural Communications and Management
International Organisational Behavior
International Trade Practice
Project Management
Retail Management
New Venture Creation

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