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If you have teaching experience and a passion for English and/or Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, then we want YOU!
We provide a collaborative, high-tech work environment specializing in a 1-on-1 teaching setting.

We are a leading brand that serves international and local school students in Tianmu, Shilin District, Taipei City.

We are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated teachers to inspire and help our students achieve academic excellence.

Teaching at TeachME is a rewarding experience. Training is provided and you can learn more about TeachME by visiting our website at

We are looking for teachers who:

Can teach up to high school level.
Can explain course content clearly in English
Have experience helping students achieve targeted goals
Are comfortable communicating directly with parents
Are not looking for short term.

Competitive wage — from 650 NT$ / hour and up — will vary based on experience and education background.

Work permit/insurance/ARC will be supported upon accepted application.
If you’re interested, please fill in the following Google form:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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