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Taipei City, Shilin District
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Tutoring School, 1-on-1 classes Our students range from K to Grade 12 with the majority coming from an International School background.

Hours: Flexible schedules within our weekly open hours:
12-8:30pm M-F; 10am-6:30pm Sat Part-Time and Full-Time positions are available.

Pay: tiered, starting from 650 NT$ / hour, negotiable, and competitive depending on experience, teaching ability, and educational background.

Hourly rate is mainly dependent upon the difficulty of the material a candidate can teach (AP/IB material receiving the highest rate).

Located in Shilin District, we believe in tailoring a student’s experience to their specific goals and needs while providing a work environment that is collaborative, professional, and of the highest quality.

Work permit, ARC, and health insurance provided.

The teacher should be :
- Experienced in teaching
- Flexible and collaborative
- Adaptive and willing to learn
- Comfortable communicating with parents and meeting the goals for their child
- Comfortable teaching students from an International School curriculum

If you’re interested, please complete the following form from the website link above.

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