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Dear all
I’m writing to you to see if you know children / teens who can help to fill in a questionnaire. I’m studying in National Taiwan Normal University and doing my research on Third Culture Kids(TCKs).

Here are some details:

* Looking for Third Culture Kids (TCKs)* who are between 11-19 and are living in a host country outside their parents' passport country

Topic: Study on the Relationship Between Family Cohesion, Adaptability and Third Culture Kids'(TCKs) Psychological Well-Being, with Acculturation Adaptation as Mediator

Goal: To find ways for schools/parents/organsiations/families to nurture TCKs in more positive and constructive manners.

This is the link:

My research is an academic paper so it is a bit complicated in terms of all the letters to sign. For TCKs that are between 11-17 years old, one of the parents has to sign the Parental Permission Letter; for TCKs that are 18-19, only the Informed Consent Letter needs to be signed.

I'm happy to share the results of the research with you if you are interested.

Thank you so much for reading my letter and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Ting Ting

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